"Life in High Summer" Scarf - The perfect Mother's Day gift from the heart


Every year I set out to work on a few designs for special occasions that bring meaning to me, or to those close to me. This year, it is Mother’s Day which is my inspiration.

Anyone who visits Melbourne might know that the division of the year into four seasons comes from Northern Europe, and does not fit Melbourne. Our winter, for example is a time of growth. According to the Indigenous People's calendar, a year has about 6 seasons."High Summer", November to January in Australia, marks the first half of the summer when the grass grows tall, the seeds set in, and the mother bird feeds her young. Life in High Summer is a time of such endless possibilities, new life and ever lasting wonders.

I find this knowledge so fascinating and so true that I design this artwork, later on become scarves, to celebrate it. The artwork features a Gouldian Finch Mother bird feeding their three young chicks, surrounded by various floras. It comes in a few variation of light and dark colours. These designs are an epic song celebrating the dedication and overflow of the life-giving love of parents, in particular, the ever nurturing love of a mother. They also reflect my affinity with indigenous cultures.

This versatile scarf is the perfect comfort for winter and comes to life in the summer! There are options in colours and sizes for this design available in the online store. A limited edition Maxi Delux Silk (135x135cm) version can be found here.

Illustrator & Designer

Mother's Day gift idea - a scarf to celebrate the special day
Mother's Day limited maxi silk scarf
The night version in smaller size, 90x90cm (35in)