Hanoi Original scarf High Summer is a Finalist for SHE-com Awards 2022

We are a Finalist for SHE-com Awards 2022!

We are a Finalist for SHE-com Awards 2022!

From a Nominee to a Finalist!

We would like to shout out that we are a Finalist for SHE-com Awards 2022! Not me. My scarf. High Summer Silk Scarf 90 has been selected to be a finalist Product of the SHE-com Award
SHE-com AWARD 2022 is hosted by Lisa Jones, a multi-million dollar companies business owners (look up for her podcast on Spotify!) and the Judging panel are all women in business, who build their brand from zero to Shero across industries

Clip: Me doing a WOW dance to celebrate the news 

First off, why is a scarf?

During COVID and lockdowns, most of us love the comfort of home clothes. But we also want to look professional and stand out in Zoom and Teams meetings. An accessory like a scarf could do the magic and transform the look instantly.

High Summer Scarf is a top quality, wonderful, soft to the touch, silk twill scarf with hand-rolled edges. It comes in large size 90x90, small size 65x65 and a limited edition of 135x135cm.


Beautiful, exquisite and original 

 The scarf takes its name after High Summer - from the 6 seasons of the Australia Indigenous calendar.

According to the indigenous folklore, "High Summer" in Australia marks the first half of the summer when the grass grows tall, the seeds set in, and the mother bird feeds her young. Life in High Summer is a time of such endless possibilities, new life, and everlasting wonders. This design features a mother bird feeding her three young chicks. It is an epic song celebrating the dedication and overflow of the life-giving love of parents, in particular, the ever-nurturing motherlove.
'Every year I set out to work on a few designs for special occasions that bring meaning to me, or to those close to me. This year, it is Mother’s Day which is my inspiration.'_ Said Eva, the designer behind this scarf.
It is also worth noting that the bird in this design is Gouldian Finch, it's a stunning, near-threaten, native bird of Australia
The wonderful design is double-side printed with top digital printing technology to silk on both sides, with excellent craftsmanship for a finishing hand-roll edge.

High Summer Scarf is beautiful, exquisite, and original.


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