Set of 2 botanical wall art posters: 15 Plants Toxic to your Cat and Dog

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There are several common plants, and flowers that are poisonous to dogs and cats. From fruits such as Avocado, Grapes and Cherries, to beautiful flowers such as Azaleas, Daffodil and the Narcissus family.

This lovely botanical posters are not just a beautiful wall arts, it can be used as a guide to pet owners. If you offer plants and flowers to friends who have dogs, do a brief inspection first just for peace of mind. Generally, most dogs will stay away from harmful stuff but in my experience, some of them will swallow just about anything. 

✦ Beautiful botanical poster wall arts. Size: 286x439mm.

✦ Set of 2 poster

✦ Poster 1: 15 plants that are toxic to your Cat

✦ Poster 2: 15 plants that are toxic to your Dog

✦ Feel free to share this to a friend who have dogs and cats  

These posters are also available as single, check out 15 Toxic Plants to Cats, 15 Toxic Plants to Dogs and 15 Flowers You Can Eat

Note: Frame and other decors in photo are not included


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