3 Top Easy Ways to Style Your Head Scarves

3 Top Easy Ways to Style Your Head Scarves

3 Top Easy Ways to Style Your Head Scarves


This first head scarf is globally known as the Queen's headscarf. England's longest reigning monarch really knows how to wear a square of silk, she has an impressive collection of scarves since a young age and keeps collecting more and more. She pairs them up with her clothes, for almost every occasion. Photo credit: David Steen and GettyImage

This Queen's headscarf does a wonder to all ages. You can pair it up with a tank top, or use it to shield from the wind and the sun, and sometimes, the public!

Just like the name suggests, this is the simplest use of a scarf for hair. There are many other scarf styles for hair, such as the Turban, the Badana or the African hair wrap... All looks wonderful, let's save them for another time. 

With today's style, fold the scarf in half and roll it to show the colour you like. You could use a large scarf, a small one will do to. If your scarf is one of the Essential Small Scarf which is about 65x65, folding diagonally you will have a band of around 90cm. Long hair, as in the left photo or short hair, as in the right photo is all good. This style will accentuate your jawline and draw attention to the face straight away. Try it out! 

Photo credit: Hoang Thuy Dung & Nikita Chu


Yes. Are you planning for a hike? Bring a scarf, a cap, sunscreen, and sunnies. They all go well together. Place the scarf just underneath the hat, and you will have the perfect protection from the sun, and also bugs and so. You can tie the front to cover up to your nose or be creative and wrap the hair around, like in the right photos here. 

Alrighty! Those are the three easy styles for a headscarf, for anyone, any hair length, for any activity and for any occasion. Give them a try, send through your shots and we'd love to feature them in the next Newsletter! 

Till next time! 


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