Scarf style 101: The head scarf, the neck scarf and the Me & Him matching look

Scarf style 101: The head scarf, the neck scarf and the Me & Him matching look

Scarf style 101: The head scarf, the neck scarf and the Me & Him matching look

From Melbourne, we ask our wonderful customers to share with us their photos with scarves, this is Ms Thuy Ha from Colorado, USA. 

'This beautiful scarf. I adore it…… bright orange-red paint type colors, soft & comforting on my neck… Its varied colors go with everything! It will be the perfect accent to everyday outfits, and with possibly cool spring temps, just right for that layer of warmth.This will be nice for my trip to Chihuahua Mexico next week.As when I exploring the City. I will feel beautiful wearing these Mochi bright color scarves.I believe, even to Paris in the summer. And even if in the fashion capital of the world! It will be just as beautiful as the scarves Mochi will be selling... I also adore the bright fringes, gives it a fun casual look... This will be one of my favorite go-to accessories in my wardrobe... It also arrived promptly just before Tet so I was able to wear it then.' Thuy Ha (USA)

Thank you for sharing this with us ❤️ We absolutely love your creatives and your colour combos. Tet is here.

First photo, Ms Thuy Ha in a stunning Ao Dai, the traditional lady dress of Vietnam in the New Year get-together. She matches this with scarf Flame 65. For who doesn't know, Red is the colour of happiness, passion and luck and what else would we wish for in the new year? This sings elegance, passion and poise. 10/10 

Melbourne design Chilled Mochi Scarf

Second photo: Same scarf new twist, the transformation into a young and casual headscarf, matching with the lip colour and a lime yellow neck line. Talking about lip colours, some among us prefer either orange red, some other crimson red, with this look no head ache really because both would do just fine. The scarf presents both colours. 

Red Flame Scarf

And here comes the matching look Me&Him, so synchronised and romantic. We wish you two many many years of love and happiness 

Spring blossom 

And finally, bag accessory, standing out from the crow.
Thank you Ms Thuy Ha for sharing those beautiful moments with us and hope to see more in the future. 

bag accessories with scarf
Send us your look and inspire many others with your styles.
Scarf used is the Flame Red border 65, and its matching in smaller size 40x40cm

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