Scarf Style 101: Scarf It Up and Go for a Walk!

Scarf Style 101: Scarf It Up and Go for a Walk!

Scarf Style 101: Scarf It Up and Go for a Walk!

Knock knock knock! Look out the window. It’s that time of the year again! 

High sky
Falling 🍁 leaves
Crisp air
Neck scarves
Autumn, in Melbourne.

Get out of the house and take a stroll among autumn leaves, golden sunshine and cool, misty air. It's also the time to see the best spots around Victoria and appreciate the golden hues of this seasons. 

It's officially the scarf season. I would say any season is a scarf season, but this time of the year is the official one. Scarves, to be honest, are so much more than just a functional piece of clothing to keep you warm.

Last weekend we headed off to Bright, Victoria. Bright has lots of things to do - from walking or cycling to the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. We went for a river walk and took the scarves with us. When everything and everyone is at the right place, magic happens. 

It's perfect for adding up more layers and amp up the style as Thu did with this bit of spark-joy item. Scarf used in the photo is the Firebird Abstract 65. Hand-drawn and printed in Melbourne, this scarf design is inspired by the bold colours of ornamental Heliconia Firebird (wild banana). Each of the petals elegantly shapes like the phoenix rising wings. This abstract floral art brightens up the day instantly. 

Chilled Mochi Scarf Phoenix 65

 Another way to scarf it up is the simple knot like Elham did in this photo. It went so well with her earnings and the top. Now, tell me, scarf up or no scarf? 

This is the Flame 65 - red border, among the favourite by many customers as its given name, Flame of the forest, or the Royal Flame tree, easily one of the most beautiful trees in the world. 

Elham wears the Flame65 Chilled Mochi Scarf

This coming style is for those with beautiful, big volume hair like Nour. Look how natural (and practical it is). I secretly love this hair so much and always wish mine could look like that. 

Nour styled up with the Paradise Day 65 scarf

Another way to go about this works wonder on any hair styles is this one. It's the Frontie neck scarf as in this blog post Scarf style 101: The Frontier neck scarf

The frontie neck

Another hair-band scarf like how Mayha did here is also a go-to for many people; this is more common in the Summer time, but well, are you ready for a hike? Let's go! 

This is a variation of the Flame scarf, but with a yelllow border. 

Mayha (left) wears a Flame yellow border

 My favourite one is the simple headscarf, known as the Queen's headscarf like in this blog. 

I was wearing a basic black tee, and look, and I felt like I was shining even brighter than Bright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again enjoy Autumn, scarf it up, keep warm in style, and get more steps everyday. Sending love from the little studio in Melbourne! 

The Queens headscarf

scarf it up!

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