Scarf style 101: The scarf top

Scarf style 101: The scarf top

I always bring a scarf with me when travelling. It keeps my neck warm on the plane, turns into a sarong at the beach, and with some accessories, there are more to it.

This style is for the liberal-minded. It also saves you from time to time with the instant new look.

First of all, don't forget to pack a wide metal necklace, the best is a plain chain, but what I am using here is fine, too.

Fold the scarf in half into a triangle.

As usual, choose the front that matches up with your accessories or makeup. Make a small knot to the necklace, then roll the knot down, so it's hidden just behind.

Then tie the other two end round your back. That's it! 

I am size 8-10, and the scarf length fits just right. 

Scarf used in the photo is the Paradise 65 - Day version

Could you show me how you style it? 

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