Scarf Style 101: The Queen's Headscarf

Scarf Style 101: The Queen's Headscarf

Scarf Style 101: The Queen's Headscarf

Scarf is a timeless and effortlessly stylish accessory that can be worn all year with any outfit. They're a simple way to give your look a graphic, arty twist. They provide a plethora of styling. options.

Even yet, figuring out how to tie a scarf without looking sloppy or heavy is a challenge. That where I came from with this blog post. 

I am sure we all have our 'wardrobe's must-have', once fall and winter roll around, what's better for our go-to accessory than a scarf? As it turns out, there are many ways to wear this tiny piece of fabric.

This little accessory, style up the right way, can turn heads.

Here is the thing: most of us struggle to find a way to style one.

Check out How to style a scarf for more styles to tie a scarf

However, this post is dedicated to the most practical wear of a scarf: The Queen's headscarf. Just like the name, the headscarf is one of the most iconic images associated with the Queen.

Not just presented by the Queen and many other Hollywood stars, this headscarf has also been part of many cultures worldwide. Check out the little girl Bao Anh from Vietnam

The Queen and princess Magaret


Bao Anh. Source: Dan Tri News

Little Bao Anh, Vietnam. From: Dan Tri News

Anyone lives in Melbourne and remember those windy days? Bring it on.

Here are some for inspiration.

Model Su, wear the Garden Silk 60 with a tank top. Art director: ThuThu colour

Model Su wearing a Garden Silk 60x60cm

Eva wears the Roo 65 (65x65cm)  pairing with a leather jacket. Photo: Nick at PlanB Photo


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